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Show me yours and I’ll show you my…

September 30, 2011 in Art Blog, Art Practice

STUDIO!! Geez guys!… 😉

Seriously though, I’m moving my studio into a new space (in my house) and that got me thinking about how much I loove seeing other studios.  I think it’s like a gateway into others’ creative process, right?
In that spirit, I have decided to find great studios to post in the future for your viewing pleasure. So stay tuned for that.

A good adequate space is not enough, finding a great space to make art increases the chance of you getting comfortable enough to create at your best.

In the mean time here is my list for finding a good studio space.

List of requirements for a good studio (and why I moved):

  1. Ample square footage
  2. Good lighting, preferably natural (I’m working on this.. check out my light towers with wheels!)
  3. Good wall space
  4. Ceiling height
  5. Spacious storage
  6. Computer space (you need this for the business part of your art practice)
  7. Privacy (It’ is sooo important.)
  8. Ample floor space (I am lining mine with foam tiles, it’s comfortable and protects the floor.)
  9. Secure
  10. Don’t forget your materials… 😉


  1. If you are lucky, within a space that houses other artist’s studios..
  2. A place with a view

Here is a sampling of my work-in-progress of a new studio.. (now, it’s your turn.)