Studio Envy – a new series

October 31, 2011 in Art Blog, Art Practice, Studio Envy

Dear Gallery Artists,

Today I begin the week with what I promised a few posts back: to bring fabulous artist studios as a series. Here it is, the first Studio Envy visit:

Into the fabulous studio of Brooklyn based visual artist:

Carol Salmanson

On my last visit to NYC I stopped by her studio and took some pictures to share with you. The location is Bushwick, Brooklyn in a building dedicated now to artists studios.
I visited her quite a few years back on that same building, on a different floor.. Man, how things have changed!
It’s always interesting how a neighborhood and building can develop in just a few years, now this area of Bushwick has transformed into art-trendy area.
Even the coffee shop across the street called “Swallow” is getting into the action.

As I stepped into her floor, the hallways remind you that you are amidst an artistic haven. Every which way there are signs of art life present.

As she opened the enormous double doors the studio is spacious and bright (as a great studio space should be ūüėČ ¬†Her work did not disappoint, I was entering a space full of creative energy, complete with work in progress, experiments and finished hung work -for the occasional drop-by-visitor like myself.

Carol Salmanson's studio

Carol Salmanson's studio

Carol Salmanson's studio - her materials - LED lights

Carol Salmanson’s artwork is not only tech-savy as good light art should be, ¬†but it is beautiful, poetic, ever-changing.
In her work, color is an important protagonist as are the lights themselves. On her public art pieces, during daytime, color shifts and changes with reflective colorful industrial-type materials, whether it’s metal, or a variety of reflective films and adhesive tapes. At night, the reflection subsides to a well orchestrated symphony of LED lights; it is dynamic and visually¬†tantalizing as it changes the landscape it’s contains.

In her own words:

My work is about the intricacies of human interaction, which I learned to carefully observe in order to compensate for a hereditary hearing problem. Like theater at its best, when a play captures the hidden structure of those intricacies and is no longer about the words, the work explores the energy embedded in subconscious perceptions and calculations, the things you see and know without realizing it. Information intersects with emotions to create a specific kind of knowledge that is nonverbal, precise, and intense.

Her new work explores the senses in a totally different way, the new light work is delicate, intimate, organic and etherial.
Believe me, photographs (especially mine) do NOT do it justice!
If you can, see them in person.

Until then, enjoy!

In my opinion, her masterpiece.

In my opinion, her masterpiece. (detail)

To learn more about Carol Salmanson and her work visit her website at:

Yours truly,