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May 1, 2012 in Art Blog, Art Notes, In the News, Resources

Buy Art Online without the Risk with Rise Art

Investing in a piece of original artwork can often be a risky business. For first time buyers especially, navigating the world of galleries can be an intimidating and time consuming process. And what happens if work that looked impressive on gallery wall, does not look great when hung above your mantelpiece?

This is where Rise Art comes in. Offering affordable art including expertly curated collections of limited edition prints, photographs and original paintings, Rise Art allows collectors to rent a work before deciding whether to make a long term commitment. Showcasing a wide range of exciting emerging and acclaimed artists, Rise Art offers consumers the chance to be a little more daring about the work that they choose to bring into their homes.

Discover work you love by taking Rise Art’s free art quiz. Their curators will then send you a selection of artwork that matches your taste in art. When you find something you love, rent the artwork first, and Rise Art will send it to you framed and ready to hang. Rent for as long as you like, use credits from rental to purchase the work, or return it completely free of charge. Rise Art takes care of everything, including the return shipping!

Rise Art releases new original art each week. Recent releases include extraordinary prints by V&A exhibitor Kristjana S. Williams, paintings by New Contemporaries recipient Andy Jackson, and photography by Pedro Guimaraes.
The aim of Rise Art is to bring accessibility to the world of art and art ownership, while helping people buy art with confidence. Artists are provided with a platform on which to showcase their works and art buyers and lovers can be kept updated in relation to artists whose work they may have purchased. In an increasingly digital age, Rise Art is bringing art ownership to the many, rather than the few.

What do you think about Rise Art’s new model?

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